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Sidestep Safety Stirrups
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*SAFETY FIRST and Always Number One*
But don't over look the COMFORT, because these were Designed for Long Hours in the Saddle

Award Winning Design:
This outstanding ergonomic design has won awards for being the "Most Innovative New Product for the Safety of the Rider". Designed to fit your foot, your saddle, and your horse the way you sit on a horse.

One long day in the saddle and you'll understand safety and comfort like you've never known before.

These are not break-a-way stirrups. Nothing falls off and has to be manually replaced. The spring loaded arm releases your foot in any direction and goes right back into the normal riding position.

Simply unbelieveable comfort! Wide comfortable area to rest your foot. No-twist design eliminates unnecessary pressure on your feet, ankles, and knees. The slight flexibility performs like shock absorbers and reduces most of the shock that is normally transmitted to your feet, ankles, and knees.

Dimensions & Colors:
The Sidesteps are designed for standard 2 1/2" to 3" wide stirrup leathers, and the inside foot width is a little over 4 3/4", and the foot rest length is 4". From the top of the foot rest to the inside of the sitrrup leather is 6 1/8". The "SIDESTEPS" come in two colors; "BLACK" or "DARK BROWN".

Lifetime warranty against polymer breakage. We will gladly repair or replace it. Just return them freight prepaid along with the original sales reciept and a short description of how it broke. Once product has been received, sale becomes final.                    (Warranty does not apply outside the USA)

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Black Safety Stirrups
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"Sidestep Safety Stirrups"